Engagement Ring Guide


What is her style?

Think about the type of jewelry she already wears. Is her style more classic or modern? Edgy or sophisticated? Does her jewelry tend to be more simple or bolder? Making these observations will help you learn about what kind of ring might suit her personal style.



The perfect shape

The first step to choosing a diamond is deciding on a shape. The most popular cut is a classic round diamond, known for its brilliant sparkle. A princess or emerald cut diamond offers more modern lines and symmetry. Or, for something more unique, consider a pear or marquise diamond.

Size and Quality

Once you’ve decided on a shape, the next step in choosing a diamond is to consider the size or carat weight, cut, color, and clarity--also known as the Four C’s. The Four C’s provide a way to compare and evaluate diamonds, but these standards can only tell you so much. The best way to actually choose a diamond is, quite simply, to look at them. Diamonds each have a unique beauty and you will often find one that simply catches your eye. 


Setting style

Now that you’ve chosen a diamond, the next step is to choose the ring it’s going to be set in. When considering the ring and setting style, it’s important to consider her lifestyle. If she’s adventurous and spends a lot of time outdoors, you might want to look for a lower profile, less ornate choices that are less likely to get knocked around or caught on things. If she’s more of a glamor girl, you could look for statement settings with accent diamonds and more intricate details.

Metal Type

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a metal. First, what color do you think she’d like best? Typically, rings are set in either white or yellow metals to fit an array of styles and also to best accent the color of the stone. You might take a quick look at the color jewelry she already wears for a hint. Our engagement rings are available in a variety of metal types from white gold to yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. When thinking about metals, you’ll also want to consider durability. 

Ring Size

If she wears rings, the easiest way to determine her size will be to borrow a ring she already owns. you can either trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper or bring the actual ring into a Ben Bridge store near you to figure out the size. If you two are working together to find the perfect engagement ring, you can use our printable ring sizer to measure her approximate size. And if you have no clue at all, don’t worry - most settings can easily be resized, so we can work with you to take our best guess and then re-size it after your proposal to ensure it fits her perfectly.


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