April Birthstone


Take a look at the links below for more information on this gorgeous birthstone.For those fortunate to be born in April, the most prized gemstone of all is their birthstone. For this month, diamonds truly are a girl’s (or a boy’s) best friend.


Whether you’re celebrating an April birthday or a 60th or 75thwedding anniversary, giving a diamond means giving a perfectly beautiful gift that will truly stand the test of time.

a diamond with a color grade of 3 has less color than a diamond with a color grade of 5. Diamonds having less color are rarer; therefore, they may cost more.

When writing the grades of a diamond using the AGS Scale, Diamond Cut grade is first, then diamond Color, Clarity, then Carat Weight — in that order.

If a diamond possessing the finest diamond Cut grade is also colorless, free of inclusions and blemishes, and weighs one karate, it would be written as: 0/0/0–1.000 karat.

Cut Scale
Cut Scale

Color Scale 
Color Scale

Clarity Scale 


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